Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson’s breakup! Know Ashton Meem Net Worth?

Ashton Meem” is more than one year older than Russell. She was studying at St. Catherine’s High School, which is about FIVE miles away from Richmond. Russell at that time was at erudite School in Richmond, VA.

Russell Wilson used to play football, baseball, and basketball and was a good player. They met at that time for a short time. Later GOD’s WILL played a role, and they met again. It was after this they started dating each other. Ashton Meem had said in an interview:

When Ashton Meem left to attend the University of Georgia, they continued their long-distance relationship. After Ashton Meem completed her education, Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem decided to get engaged.

Their engagement was held in August of 2010. They married in the year of 2012; at that same year, Russell was to get drafted in the NFL. Their marriage took place on 14 January 2012 at the Country Club of Virginia(U.S)

2months later, Russell Wilson’s was selected in the second round of the draft. After that, Ashton Meem, who was with him during the election, became the talk of the megacity! They seemed delighted. But their communication could not last long. They did not have any kids together as well.

After Divorce their affair rumours were spreading out, Hefty Settlement.

Scarcely four months after her interview, Russell Wilson filed for a divorce paper with his wife of two years on 24 April 2014. In a statement released by media persons, he stated that it was the single most painful decision he had ever taken and asked for privacy in nasty times. Wilson addressed the Divorce back in 2014 in ‘USA Today’ saying:

Russell Wilson, who was already a big celebrity by the time, and a multi-millionaire with a real net worth, paid a hidden sum for the settlement but the reason for their Divorce also remained secret.

Know Ashton Meem Net Worth?

American businesswoman Ashton Meem worked as a media intern, an art buyer, and a professional advisor during her early years after graduation.

She late settled into a job as Advertising Operations Assistant at American Family Insurance and enjoyed an honourable income. Her current salary remains private, but she reportedly boasts an excellent net worth of 4 million dollars.

Meem and Wilson Divorced in 2014

Soon after their wedding, Wilson was elected by the Seattle Seahawks in 2012 NFL draft. However, after two years of marriage, Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem separate in April 2014.

“Decisions like these don’t come easy,” Russell Wilson said in a declare back then. “Ashton Meem and I politely ask for prayers, understanding, and privacy during this tough time. Moving forward, I will have no more comment on this personal matter.”

The reason behind their Divorce was never explained, which is unexpected since Russell Wilson spoke about his wife often during his first two years in the NFL.

Meem and Wilson were operating in charities together, but months before declaring their Divorce, the introduction of them together became less usual.

It made people guess that infidelity was the reason for their sudden gap. Ashton Meem became embroiled in supposed truth that she defrauded on Wilson with another NFL player, Golden Tate.

Where Is Ashton Meem?

ashton meem

Wilson moved on from his first marriage and has been married to R&B American singer Ciara since 2016. It’s not known if Ashton Meem has remarried, but it appears she’s doing well on the career front.

After studying advertising at the University of Georgia and achieve her bachelor’s degree in communications from North Carolina State, she starts working in broadcasting. She didn’t open that wedlock planning company, but she does well in advertising.

While she was in college, Ashton Meem incarcerates at Lewis Media Partners and McKinney. Instantly after graduating, she starts a job as an account executive at Richmond-based Morton Consulting.

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Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Ashton meem has a height of 5 feet 9 inches with 53 kg of body weight. She has blonde hair colour and also with brown eyes. There is no information about her undergarments, clothes and footwear sizes.

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